Arrest Made in Series of Aggravated Robberies


The Austin Police Department has arrested what it calls the “prime suspect” in connection to a series of aggravated assaults at cell phone stores between January and March.

Gregory Sterling faces six counts of Aggravated Robbery with a Deadly Weapon for his alleged connection to the crimes, the first of which occurred on January 30 at a Cricket Wireless location on Manor Road.  According to police reports, Sterling posed as a customer before drawing a handgun and forcing a woman to the ground at gunpoint as he emptied the register.

Sterling is alleged to have committed similar robberies at five other stores on February 10, February 13, March 2, March 4, and March 7.  In at least three of the incidents, Sterling reportedly pistol-whipped an employee, and in two of the cases an employee was dragged by the hair.

During the final incident on March 7, police said Sterling took a phone with GPS tracking capability, which put investigators onto a trail that eventually led directly to him.

Sterling does have a prior record.  He is currently in the Travis County Jail.

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