Broadnax Outlines Priorities as New Austin City Manager


Former Dallas City Manager TC Broadnax formally began his new role on Monday as Austin City Manager. According to Broadnax, his first priorities will include addressing the hiring of a permanent police chief, securing a contract with the Austin Police Association, emergency preparedness, affordable housing, and homelessness.

“Together, we will address these and other challenges with collaborative, transparent, inclusive, and equitable approaches,” Broadnax said. “As the City continues its rapid growth, we must grow in our unique roles as devoted City employees, boldly responding to challenges with creativity and compassion.”

Broadnax is now responsible for Austin’s more than 16,000 city employees and overseeing the city’s $5.5 billion budget. One of the key responsibilities of the city manager is drafting the annual budget and presenting it to the Mayor and City Council for approval.

Broadnax will be paid an annual salary of $470,000. He’ll also have his housing costs covered by Austin taxpayers for the first six months of his employment.

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