City of Austin Warning of New Toxic Algae Blooms

The first testing results of Lady Bird Lake water are expected today

The City of Austin has resumed monitoring and testing cyanobacteria, also called blue-green algae. Certain species of blue-green algae can produce toxins, which are potentially harmful to people and pets. During initial visits this year between May 2 and May 12, city staff found blue-green algae at all monitoring sites on Lady Bird Lake and Lake Austin, except for Walsh Boat Landing.

Assume the algae is toxic, the city said.

The Watershed Protection Department has the following recommendations for people and pets:

-Avoid contact with the algae
-Do not drink water directly from Lake Austin or Lady Bird Lake
-Rinse off after contact with the water
-Do not allow dogs to lick their fur prior to being rinsed off

The Watershed Protection Department is not currently monitoring creeks for harmful algae, but it could be present, officials said.

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