December Sales Tax Allocations Climb Across Texas


Cities, counties, and other taxing districts across Texas continue to rebound from the pandemic.  As the months have progressed since the pandemic first struck Texas, one of the key indicators of a rebounding state economy has been a continued uptick in sales tax collections and allocations.  Based on December figures from Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar, that rebound has picked up steam for yet another month.

Hegar will send cities, counties, transit systems, and special purpose taxing districts $936 million in local sales tax allocations for December, which is 18.4-percent more than in December 2020.  The allocations are based on sales made in October by businesses that report tax monthly.

Locally, the City of Austin will receive $25,075,521.29.  When compared to the December 2020 allocation of $19,981,694.50, Hegar’s report shows a more than 25-percent increase for Austin in just the past year.

CLICK HERE to see the full breakdown of December sales tax distributions.

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