Talarico Introduces Relief Bill Package

Texas Capital building

Austin area State Representative James Talarico this week introduced three bills he says will provide meaningful relief for families that have been hard by inflation.  The package introduced by Talarico would use 4 percent of the state’s record budget surplus, which totals nearly $33 billion.

  • House Bill 4231 would suspend all toll road fees for one year, starting on September 1st. The state would pay the obligations of these toll projects, maintaining current revenue while keeping money in the pockets of Texas drivers.
  • House Bill 4243 would waive all car registration and inspection fees for over 20 million registered personal vehicles in Texas for one year, starting on September 1st. The state would pay counties any expected revenue they would otherwise collect.
  • House Bill 4425 would create a new tax-free weekend on essential household goods costing $200 or less. From baby supplies and clothing to medical equipment and cleaning supplies, all sales taxes would be waived during the first weekend of 2024 — from Friday, January 5th through Sunday, January 7th.

“Politicians use inflation to score political points—but people need relief,” said Talarico. “I am proud to introduce three bills that will give real relief to working families — suspending all toll road fees, creating a new sales tax free weekend, and waiving all car registration fees — for the next year. Texans need help, not talking points.”

Talarico believes these bills will help relieve financial pressure and save Texans hundreds of dollars.

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