Texas Dems flee to DC, halt Texas GOP backed voting bills

Texas Capitol Building

Several Texas Democrat Lawmakers are in Washington DC after walking out on the special session and fleeing the state.

That was all to halt progress of Texas GOP backed voting reform bills HB1 and HB3. Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa defends his party members for making a run for it.

He says those Democrats were being asked to participate in, “a session that was designed to pass a law to prevent their very constituents from voting.” Adding, “They didn’t wanna have any part of that.”

Hinojosa says those Texas Lawmakers are now rallying for the Federal Government to step in and enact national voting regulations that would overrule what any state government could do.

Back in Texas, what was left of the Texas State House voted 76 for to 4 against, ordering the Sergeant at Arms to bring back the 51 Democrats. This could lead to arrests as the Sergeant at Arms could arrest a member if they don’t return willingly.

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