Texas Weather Again Puts ERCOT Grid to the Test


The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is asking customers to reduce their electric use as much as possible through Friday, June 18. ERCOT reported a significant number of power plant outages, combined with potential record electric use for the month of June, which has resulted in tight grid conditions, officials said.

Austin Energy recommends:
•Set thermostat at 78 degrees or higher;
•Raise thermostat to 85 degrees away for two hours or more;
•Point fans in your direction;
•Close shades and curtains on windows hit by direct sunlight to prevent heat from getting indoors;
•Avoid using the oven or doing laundry during the hottest time of the day.

The issue is not coming as welcome news for residential customers who only four months ago were faced with widespread outages during sub-freeing temperatures.  Businesses are also feeling the pinch as they work their way out of the pandemic.

“We do know that the energy load from restaurants is highest in the evening time,” said Anna Tauzin with the Texas Restaurant Association. “However, even as busy as they are right now, most restaurants are not at levels that they were before the pandemic.

On Tuesday morning, ERCOT sent out another alert warning of a possible strain on the grid by the afternoon hours.

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