Breonna Taylor charges sends protesters to Downtown Austin

Protestors Breonna Taylor Austin rally

Hundreds of Activists protestors and more marched on downtown Austin last night in solidarity with Louisville, Kentucky and the family of police shooting victim Breonna Taylor.

The rally was in conjunction with several others launched across the nation following the results of a grand jury charging only one of the three Louisville police officers in Taylor’s shooting.  The Kentucky Attorney General said one former officer is charged with wanton endangerment.

Activists and more were expecting and even demanding murder charges or even manslaughter, so in light of the grand jury’s decision many Austinites, students, activists, and even some people on vacation took their frustration and anger to the streets of downtown Austin.

The massive swath of people at times blocked whole streets which prompted a police presence and warning of arrests should the roads not be cleared. Some took that as an opportunity to scream and yell at officers, others threw roadside cones and scooters in the path approaching police vehicles, which were met with similar warnings by police.

Reports witnessed some protestors getting detained by APD but officials have yet to confirm anything about arrests or charges.

Among the throngs of people were first aid volunteers handing out supplies be it water or more to those who needed them. Antifa members, and others armed with AR-15 and AK-47 styled weapons clad in body armor.

And still there was more, a group of Bikers claiming to be there to support folks 1st amendment rights and support the police, their group leader told Newsradio KLBJ they wanted to make sure everyone was safe and would attempt to break up fights should one ensue.

Austin Breonna Taylor protest rally

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