CDC recommends to stop vaping

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The future of the vaping industry continues to come into question as more and more cases of lung injuries have been tied to e-cigarette use.  

The CDC is now recommending that all users stop vaping immediately, and Dr. Sandra Adams with UT Health agrees that it would be a smart decision, she said “Because we don’t know the long term effects of vaping, it’s hard to know how long, how much, and to what extant the lungs can heal.”

But she warns that quitting may not be easy since nicotine is so addictive.  

“One cartridge is worth, like, a pack of cigarettes. It can be very difficult, there can be withdrawal symptoms just like stopping smoking.” Adams says.

Locally, Austin Public Health is investigating a dozen lung injury cases.  Statewide, the number is 165.  And nationwide, there have been 37 deaths.

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