Democrats block new mobile voting restrictions

The Capital

The new state law doing away with mobile early voting sites is being challenged in court by Texas Democrats. 
The Democrats filed suit to block the law in Austin Federal Court. Their attorney, Chad Dunn, said “There’s no question it’ll make it more difficult for people that utilize these mobile polling locations to vote, and there’s no question in the bill debate and the background behind the bill that this was it’s design.”

The mobile early voting sites have been used on college campuses, rural communities and counties that can’t afford permanent polling locations. “They wanna make it harder and more difficult for college students, young people to vote, by eliminating their polling locations.” Dunn said.

Republican State Rep Greg Bonnen is the one who authored the law, saying that the practice has been used for selective voter harvesting, stating that “Some subdivisions of the state have abused this flexibility, targeting desirable voting populations at the exclusion of others.”


(Photo:Shutterstock/David Lee)

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